I Learn XRF - What are X-rays?

Discovering the dual nature of x-radiation | taught by Laura Oelofse
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Laura Oelofse
Laura Oelofse
Your expert on XRF

About the Instructor

39 years of x-ray experience working with both wavelength dispersive and energy dispersive instrumentation as an analyst for a number of mining operations covering precious and base metals as well as radioactive materials.

Several of these years were spent working for X-ray Vendors in roles of Application Development, Marketing and finally Business Development.

In order for the technique to grow and thrive we need to pass on the knowledge to the next generation of scientists and this course aims to do just that

Explore the interaction of the physics of x-rays and their interaction with matter. The generation of fluorescent x-rays is explained and the general behaviour of fluorescent x-rays are explained in order to prepare the user for the next module on the interaction of x-rays with materials

Course Contents

1 Video
2.0 hrs

Course Curriculum